the lie

•February 28, 2010 • Leave a Comment

the lie you told, is killing you from within
rotting your nerves, once that were steel
losing your mind and your morality
now nothing can save you

the perfect deception has been decoded
you thought you could get away
you marvelled at its beauty and its evil
now dark clouds gather in your mind
the truth only a step behind

the truth can set you free
but a lie can still save you
deceit upon lies
anything to salvage your pride

die Esau

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your lies, are decaying
you’ve taken
now surrender
to the wrath, the beast within
this is the end of all things known
love, hate, power, struggle

silence, traitor
twisting the blade that gave me hope
with one hand love
with the other hate
lured into your trap
but no more
this confusion ends tonight
now i will show you

you are all the things encompassing dread
tangled in this stream that flows in a circle
we came, we fought, we destroyed and corrupted
and we always failed
rinse, repeat
to your pleasure
now we are back running the final loop
this is the end of all things known
and your loophole has been found

killing god

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A man will one day wake up
And choose to meet his fate
He will ride out to his death
And you will laugh down from your throne

Your pearly gates are blackened
Blackened with all your sin
What hast thou done
Done to your own kin

The mans mind is torn
But he will not be undone
You torture him with faith
His soul and sense you’ve raped

You the bringer of hate
You the breeder of pain
Thou shall not live again
When I sip the liquid of insane

the choice of the unborn

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What is real?
What is zeal?
Where is the unborn
His choice is torn

Out of his hands
In to yours
Embed him your pain
His right you take away

Will he not choose to die?
But to suffer this pain
Sheltered from the truth
You seek to kill the youth

Who are you?
To make the choice
Darken the truth
To kill his voice

suspended in disbelief

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As quick and subtle as lightning
Hope generates and then fades
As the bleeding moon sheds its silvery drops of sympathy
I lie aghast in disbelief and in fear of the unknown
Tormented through out
I choose to be willingly suspended in disbelief
Clouded thoughts of mine reap of indecision and confusion

Waiting in silence I hope
Believing in the unbelievable
Tolerating the accused
Baring the pain from within shunning it from the light of day
Through pain I see the truth masked in all its glory
A truth I knowingly choose to ignore
For fear of being alone

Unable to find a solution I seek for answers from the moon
A Dialogue filled with bitterness and incomprehension
I ask for explanations, for solace

It offers me none

I arrange pieces of us in a circle
Not knowing the beginning and an end
Was it meant to be or

Are the stars justified in burdening me with this unbearable pain?
Like rats to the slaughter we stare at the sky for answers when there are none
Like milk to a newborn we accept our fates unquestioningly
A higher power controlling my mind

This I choose not to believe

As I lay watching and still willingly suspended in disbelief.

a black night torn to pieces

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Gathered at the dawn of night
A perfect blue moon greets the sky
As the clouds bare their pain

Men have gathered from far and wide
To change the shape of the sky
As Fear of the unknown meets their eyes
The dark will chant for bloodshed
And the moon will die and burn
The river will coil in anger
As it turns blood red again

Hush you can hear the whispers
Whispers of a lone man
Heed you can hear his whispers
Whispers of a distant land

A black night torn to pieces

Under the watching moon and sky
The men fear not their lives
Dream of distant thoughts in vein

With ice hold hands
They clutch their spears
Only hate filled hearts remain
Unleash their anger
To taste another’s blood
Is all that is left to do

The dark will chant for bloodshed
And the moon will die and burn
The river will coil in anger
As it turns blood red again

Hush you can hear the whispers
Whispers of a lone man
Heed you can hear his whispers
Whispers of a distant land

A black night torn to pieces

sub divide

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I watch as we sub divide in to too many pieces
Too many pieces for me to count
Too many for me to put back together
Sucked in to a wave of pandemonium
I try to evaluate my chances
Through this confused state I am unable to comprehend
Clutching the pieces like my staple bread
Otherwise it will all fall down

Will not tolerate this unavoidable sequence of events
Calculate my chances<br />Of salvaging what I can
Sinking deeper in this quicksand I grasp for breath
Only to pain do we answer anymore
Do we choose to let this go?
Or do we choose to let it take us down
Give it away to kill the pain
Give it away to feel the rain
Give it away and feel the same
Give it away and feel the same
Switch on doomed mode to even begin to understand
Only confusion and anger do we tolerate and respond to
Too far away for me to grasp
Too far away for me to grasp
I watch unconvinced at your shouts
Daring still even to lend a hand
To regain

Our fundamental difference
Has destroyed our existence

Black hole of tranquility sucks me in
As I watch the pieces sub divide
In silence I wander
What are my chances?
To find a solution
Watch its evolution through a brisk period of time
From love to hate it turned
Watch the leaves turn color and watch love turn to hate
In the end only hate remains

In silence I wonder
What my chances are
For a solution

As I watch us subdivide into too many pieces