a stranger sings for hayley

there is a girl that I know
but I don’t know her at all
she, speaks my thoughts through her words
and tells them to the whole world

she says, come here sit down baby
tell me whats your troubles
but she’s already leaving
cuz my mind she knows how to decode

her hair nows its flowing
orange like at sun down
and in these tangled dreams we share
shes figured me out now

i say, how do you know me so well
better than anyone i know
i say, how do you know me so well
when you dont even know me

and all of these things that im feeling
hayley knows cuz shes singing them to another
through her eyes she sees me
even when she doesnt know me

these words, these thoughts, in an endless cycle
this love i feel
you sing it back to me
your words, your life, your heart
as long as you sing my life through
your words, your heart
I will stay a stranger
cuz my heart, it’s yours.

~ by utgard on May 20, 2010.

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