the paradox of beast and man

a lonely figure walks in the woods
his path lit only by the beacon of his lantern
shadows creep past his foot steps
the ungodly hour makes the man shudder with fear
it is an icy cold night
all elements against your human instinct

you know the beast is yonder
trailing you like your very shadow
it is not if but when you will die

you are his prey and he toys with your life
fearing your own heartbeat as much as the beast

the beast sees you at a distance
it knows your move before it is made
its animal instinct tells him so
the paradox of beast and man will destroy from within
on this full moons night no human thoughts remain
only the thirst for blood and flesh

now you run blind through this valley of death
disjointed with the fog that clouds your mind and rationale
it lures you to its trap with clever deceit
the moon waits for the climax of this night with delight
tonight you will bleed for its right

your salvation lies in your own might
for the beast is you and you are the beast
and the paradox of beast and man destroys from within.

~ by utgard on March 1, 2010.

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