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this is the life i’ve been dealt
so there is no escape
but every night i travel to places that carry
that carry away all these burdens i wish to leave

there is a circle that i draw everyday
and traverse through in an infinite loop
the trees outside sway with gentle disposition
who is alive and who is free
is it me or is it the things i see

everyday you see me but you never do
this circle has enslaved me to feelings i pretend
there lives a man within who is sizing me up
contempt at all these buried nodes of dreams i have hidden deep
for someone else

don’t you fret now, i am not calling you a thief
this is something i stole from my self
these questions i need answering to have no teacher
but me


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so when the wall come crashing down
will you be there
if loves meant to save us all now
where is my share

and these days turn to night
with no start and no end
its like time just keep moving
and i cant comprehend

i hope that you find your own way
but it wont be one we can share
you’ve given me something to hold
but it just be our own

all these days, i keep tumbling through
with no sight of an end
now you’ve gone your own way
i’m not sad but i wish i knew a familiar face

and all these nights i now spend alone
i hope wont be for too long
but tonight i just wish you were here
so i just didn’t and to fight all this alone

i hope that you find your own way
but it wont be one we can share
you’ve given me something to hold
but it just be our own


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the way i used to see you
is not how we see each other now
now you wont even hear me out
ignored and buried
you just want to take the easy way out

you go on your merry way
while i try to untagle what went wrong
piece the puzzle together
of why we cant mend our selves

i think i love you
but that is not enough to reassure me
just dont let this silence take over
because i’ve seen this ending before
and this is how it begins

your reckless words slice through me
deeper than any knife could
i wish you could be me for a day
to know how much i think we can still be

there is a war thats coming
but i dont want to be on any side
if my thoughts are what offends
then i’m also just another person
flaws are my traits
but i though you understood
when you promised

but please dont let this silence take over
because i’ve seen this ending before
and this is how it begins

a stranger sings for hayley

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there is a girl that I know
but I don’t know her at all
she, speaks my thoughts through her words
and tells them to the whole world

she says, come here sit down baby
tell me whats your troubles
but she’s already leaving
cuz my mind she knows how to decode

her hair nows its flowing
orange like at sun down
and in these tangled dreams we share
shes figured me out now

i say, how do you know me so well
better than anyone i know
i say, how do you know me so well
when you dont even know me

and all of these things that im feeling
hayley knows cuz shes singing them to another
through her eyes she sees me
even when she doesnt know me

these words, these thoughts, in an endless cycle
this love i feel
you sing it back to me
your words, your life, your heart
as long as you sing my life through
your words, your heart
I will stay a stranger
cuz my heart, it’s yours.


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sirens of symphony
altered states emphasise
a chaos so beautiful
my mind speaks through your words

courtship engaged
take me to my sweet destruction
my frustration
my brother now knows
his destruction
now my destiny

wall of echo through my body
unearthly purity
emotions deprived
burn me
burn out burn out

my body and mind now yours
exorcise these feelings i held so long
mangled body parts fly all around
my body and mind now yours
take me to a world only you can construct

reality abandoned
no cares, no remorse
i give this soul to you

wall of echo through my body
unearthly purity
emotions deprived
burn me
burn out burn out


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this life you gave me was not without pain
then why do you preach a happiness we cannot attain
i drink your thoughts of love like wine
feed my head with your bread called hope

so i remind my self that there is a purpose
one day at a time
but day by day you take my pain and then multiply
if life is short then why must we only celebrate our misery

i walk these valleys and climb these mountains for you
but at the end only more struggle remains
and in my dreams i see visions of beauty
the cycle marries it self in a twisted wine

if love can set me free
why do i not see enough of it
if through struggle i learn my lessons
then i know everything
but day by day you take my pain and multiply

i would end these days if i could
just to take two steps to the happiness you hang by a thread
still i come to you with with my dreams and my love
the cycle marries it self in a twisted lie

straberry fields and caramel ties
this life is short and day by day these lies
grow my struggle and i cannot see a way through at times
can these days just resolve by themselves
i am tired of trying and failing this life you gave
but you cut me so deep day by day
you ride me to sadness i cannot bear
and these days continue day by day
two more steps just to feel love maybe
and you come to me visions of shadows
cast on a wall  by candle light
so i will drink you wine and bite your distraction
growing tired now but maybe two more step
just to feel the love you told me is

the paradox of beast and man

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a lonely figure walks in the woods
his path lit only by the beacon of his lantern
shadows creep past his foot steps
the ungodly hour makes the man shudder with fear
it is an icy cold night
all elements against your human instinct

you know the beast is yonder
trailing you like your very shadow
it is not if but when you will die

you are his prey and he toys with your life
fearing your own heartbeat as much as the beast

the beast sees you at a distance
it knows your move before it is made
its animal instinct tells him so
the paradox of beast and man will destroy from within
on this full moons night no human thoughts remain
only the thirst for blood and flesh

now you run blind through this valley of death
disjointed with the fog that clouds your mind and rationale
it lures you to its trap with clever deceit
the moon waits for the climax of this night with delight
tonight you will bleed for its right

your salvation lies in your own might
for the beast is you and you are the beast
and the paradox of beast and man destroys from within.

the lie

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the lie you told, is killing you from within
rotting your nerves, once that were steel
losing your mind and your morality
now nothing can save you

the perfect deception has been decoded
you thought you could get away
you marvelled at its beauty and its evil
now dark clouds gather in your mind
the truth only a step behind

the truth can set you free
but a lie can still save you
deceit upon lies
anything to salvage your pride

die Esau

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your lies, are decaying
you’ve taken
now surrender
to the wrath, the beast within
this is the end of all things known
love, hate, power, struggle

silence, traitor
twisting the blade that gave me hope
with one hand love
with the other hate
lured into your trap
but no more
this confusion ends tonight
now i will show you

you are all the things encompassing dread
tangled in this stream that flows in a circle
we came, we fought, we destroyed and corrupted
and we always failed
rinse, repeat
to your pleasure
now we are back running the final loop
this is the end of all things known
and your loophole has been found

killing god

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A man will one day wake up
And choose to meet his fate
He will ride out to his death
And you will laugh down from your throne

Your pearly gates are blackened
Blackened with all your sin
What hast thou done
Done to your own kin

The mans mind is torn
But he will not be undone
You torture him with faith
His soul and sense you’ve raped

You the bringer of hate
You the breeder of pain
Thou shall not live again
When I sip the liquid of insane